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We are Sinking

About BunchOBlokes

BunchOBlokes is a cooperative informal association set up for the creation and distribution of copyright material. Its effectiveness and the free use of published material will be dependent upon participating group's agreement to observe the goals, principles and guidelines published on the website.

We have found that the best way forward in the journey of life is getting together with mates as a GROUP to encourage and support one another. Discussion Guides have been created for each TOPIC to help men start and facilitate their own group through men’s ministry or community groups. 

Goals and Values

A BunchOBlokes is simply a "bunch of blokes" getting together to help each other to not only overcome the challenges facing men in today's society, but to thrive in every aspect of life.

Introducing BOK-TV

Why are men in Crisis

Australian men are facing a crisis of identity. Perhaps for the first time in history, large numbers of men, regardless of their age and station in life, are encountering significant problems just being men.