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Welcome to BOB TV! An Aussie show by BunchOBlokes for blokes (men) looking at life together. Join hosts Brett and Bill for some fun ideas to encourage you and some catch ups with 'everyday good blokes' having a go and making a difference in their lives and in those around them.

Season 2

Identity Crisis

1. Identity Crisis

Join Bill and Brett as they explore what it means to be a Bloke in today's culture and why is it important. Special guest - Brett Ryan from Focus On The Family Australia.

This show is made to help men Thrive In Life by encouraging open and honest conversations with our mates.

The Grumpy Bloke

2. The Grumpy Bloke

Join Bill and Brett as they discuss ANGER issues.

Follow the story of an Aussie Jedi in 'Starflaws'. Thanks to Axtell Puppets for creating the amazing Platapus.

And hear Nathan Flannery from Prison Fellowship Australia - as he gives insight into what it's like to work with inmates and their familes and how this fantastic ministry is bringing light and hope.


3. Burnout

Join Bill and Brett as they take a look at Blokes and Burnout. What can we do when we feel burnt out?

Interview with some great blokes (Ray and Ray) show us the Ford '59 Customline and a '73 Holden HQ Ute called 'Headache'.

Special thanks to Dromkeen Amazing Gallery at Riddells Creek Vic. Check out

The Curse of Temptation Island

4. The Curse of Temptation Island

Join Bill and Brett (and a couple of Scallywags) on a journey to avoid 'The Curse of Temptation Island' and take a look at Bad Habits.

Meet Mark Watt from Melbourne Youth Bus and check out the amazing Funfields in Whittlesea in the State of Victoria.

Mission: Procrastination

5. Mission: Procrastination

As we well know - Procrastination can be big problem - even for the Mi7 Australian Spy Network! Has Procrastination infiltrated their ranks too? Stick around and find out.

We also interview Ian McIntosh - a former Rodeo Clown in Outback Normington QLD - now a Children's Book Author - following his dreams and giving us some great tips on how not to procrastinate.

Season 1

What are you thinking?

1. What are you thinking?

Welcome to Episode 1 of BunchOBlokes BOB TV - It's a matter of the MIND - as we take a look at "THINKING". We catch up with Warren Mills – cofounder of BOB - as he thinks through his engineering ideas to help restore an Austin Healey Sprite (The little blue coupe) and talks about finding your passion.

Whats is your perspective

2. What's Your Perspective?

BOB TV (aka BunchOBlokes) brings you a MATRIX look at Perspective. We all have a different way of seeing things. Join Bill and Brett discuss the topic of Perspective with an interview with a great Aussie Bloke - John Verga - looking through the eye of his camera lens.

The art of listening

3. Hearing - The Art of Listening

How weird that our ears can hear but we don't listen. Blokes are good at 'selective hearing', right? So that's where Brett and Bill take a look at a little thing called 'Paying Attention' really does take EFFORT. AND there are REWARDS.

The Power of Words

4. The Power of Words

Join Bill and Brett from Australia as they present BunchOBlokes BOB TV episode 4 - "Speaking - The Power of Words". Sometimes we talk too much, sometimes we don't say enough, and sometimes we shouldn't say anything at all! Hang around and discover some hot tips about communication with David Wraight from Glo Lead and cofounder of BOB.

DOING - Getting it done!

5. DOING - Getting it done!

All the way from Australia - it's the BunchOBlokes team bringing you BOB TV Episode 5 - Doing: getting it done! Actions speak louder than words. Stop putting it off - watch this episode now! This is the last video of this Journey. Give us a like and subscribe if you would like to see us back for more. Thanks Blokes (and ladies).