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No matter what sort of bloke you are - you are not alone. We ARE a BunchOBlokes. Aussie men who see the need of facilitating groups for mutual encouragement and open discussion about how to be a good bloke. So get together with some mates to help each other be better fathers, husbands and men and live a full and satisfying life.

Welcome to BunchOBlokes

Our Goal

The ultimate goal of BunchOBlokes is that men will discover, accept and celebrate their individual uniqueness and personal value and will encourage one another to be transformed to live a full and satisfying life.

What is a BunchOBlokes

Together men can discover their uniqueness and personal value and celebrate who they are. Together they can learn how to be great husbands and fathers. Together they can carve out the future. Together they can find fulfilment and enjoy life. And, together they can define a new identity for men, to rediscover what it means to be a ‘good bloke’. A BunchOBlokes is simply a “bunch of blokes” getting together to help each other to not only overcome the challenges facing men in today’s society, but to thrive in every aspect of life.


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Happy Ever After

At BunchOBlokes we help each other to make our marriage last a lifetime. Having problems? Become a member now!

Men in Crisis

Perhaps for the first time in history, large numbers of men, regardless of their age and station in life, are encountering significant problems just being men.